In order to offer the best solution for protection of perishable industrial goods, we propose a range of laminates with different barrier grades depending on the specific requirements of the packed product.


Polyester (PET) and Polyethylene (PE) laminate is largely used for industrial packaging application due to its good gas, humidity and flavor barrier properties, that make it an ideal solution, easy and effective at the mean time.

If a higher protection grade is required, we can supply PE with barrier effect.

The laminate is available also with metallized PET, to increase its thermal insulation properties (e.g. for building insulation).

PET/PE laminate is the ideal supporting layer for Pluriball and Polyethylene foam.


Polyester (PET), Aluminium (AL) and Polyethylene (PE) three-layers laminate is designed for high protection packaging.

By combining the benefits of its elements, we get a heat-sealable product, with a total humidity, oxygen and light barrier and with very good tensile strength and mechanical properties.

Wide range of thicknesses and different barrier grades available, depending on customer’s needs.


For specific use and/or application we offer laminates with special characteristics, such as the Polyamide (PA), Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) three-layers laminate, suitable for pasteurization and sterilization.


If high barrier joined with superior mechanical properties are required, we offer a four-layers structure made of Polyester (PET), Aluminium (AL), Polyamide (PA) and Polyethylene (PE). By combining the Aluminium barrier and PET and PA mechanical properties we get a heat sealable product, with very good elasticity, tensile strength and anti-puncture resistance.

High thicknesses also available, more than 200 μm.

Standard pad width from 1000 mm to 1600 mm, different widths may be available upon request.