Effegidi International was founded in 1973 from the expertise of technicians and field professionals who found the lack of a flexible and dynamic structure on the converter market. From the very beginning the new company has been focused on lamination, cut and coating of plastic and non-ferrous metallic films (e.g. copper, aluminium).


In 1980 we started producing laminates for cable shielding and trading films for plastic coating and flexible packaging.

After first experiences in close contact with the main cable producers’ technicians, we gained important achievements in this sector, which became Effegidi’s core business.

The know how in the field of laminates developed in different sectors, generating growth and study of different and wider areas of interest.


In 2006 the company structure changed at top management level, to address market’s new challenges. It’s the beginning of a new era in which, from the expertise and results of the past, the company re-launches itself looking for new energies and an up-to-date setting.

Our story has always been focused on constant development, meant both as technical growth and continuous search for new materials and solutions.

The key points of our work are: the study and applications of plastic and metallic films, the deepening of the analysis about issues related to the sector and the research on adhesive technologies.

With regular and planned placement of specific assets and installation of up-to-date machinery determining the growth, year after year, of the productive and quality potentialities, the Company has obtained high levels of safety, reliability and flexibility that the evolving market requires.


In 2015 we decided to create some internal Business Units (Wire, Food, Trading, Photovoltaic, Finishing), with the aim to maintain the company core connected with a firm know-how and at the same time widen our fields of activity.


Nowadays Effegidi International is an acknowledged company at a global level, cooperates with all the most important cable producers and is able to study and to accurately answer to customer’s requests thanks to its technical expertise.