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Aluminium and polyester laminate.

Leading product amongst laminates for cable applications, it has been developed from Effegidi’s expertise in lamination and from cable producers’ requests for products with better performances and quality.

Alucav creates a protective barrier around conductor, preventing electromagnetic and electrostatic interferences from affecting the signal quality, while the PET presence gives the cable flexibility and resistance.

By combining different thicknesses and structures, it guarantees the perfect functioning of electronic devices.

Two layers (Duplex – AL/PET) and three layers (Triplex – AL/PET/AL) version available.

Product with special characteristics can be supplied upon request (e.g. lubricated version).

Standard thicknesses vary from 9 to 50 µm for aluminium and from 12 to 36 µm for PET. Different thicknesses may be available upon request.

Wrapped in pads or spools.

Wide range of widths available, depending on customer’s needs.