Aluminium foil for packaging application, used as a single foil or for lamination.

Due to his excellent oxygen, water vapor, light and flavors barrier properties, it is ideal for products that need a total protection from the mentioned factors.

This versatile material has several packaging applications for food and non-food products used as a single sheet or, more frequently, as an intermediate layer in multilayer structures.

Some examples of application are:

  • Bags for food and non-food products (e.g. coffee, powdered drinks or cosmetics), suitable for vacuum packaging, or retort bags for aseptic packaging.
  • Lids for food trays and containers: aluminium foil and aluminium-based laminates are suitable for printing and lacquering and offer a total barrier. A typical application is for yogurt and marmalade packaging, or for aluminium food containers for catering.
  • Films for automatic packaging machines.
  • Primary packaging for food products (e.g. chocolate).
  • Labelling and wine capsules.
All products distributed comply with relevant EU regulation for Food Contact Materials and have the respective certifications.