Aluminium foil, single or for lamination, for industrial applications.

Due to its excellent barrier and insulation properties, aluminium has several applications in many industrial sectors, amongst which:

  • Cable shielding, where the aluminium foil, generally laminated with a plastic film, is used to ribbon and protect cables from interferences that would affect the transmitted signal.
  • Building insulation, where aluminium, combined with other films, is used to protect and insulate buildings, due to its resistance to corrosion and to the atmospheric agents action and its oxygen barrier properties. It is also well-known for its electromagnetic waves and noise barrier properties.
  • Thermal insulation: for its mentioned barrier properties, Aluminium is used when a barrier to thermal energy is required. Typical applications are for protective clothes or packaging.

Standard features are 6-7-8-9 μm thickness and alloy 1235, but different thicknesses and alloys may be available upon request.

Wide range of widths available, depending on customer’s need.

Aluminium foil distributed complies with EU regulations and has the respective certifications.