Effegidi International distributes a range of bi-axially oriented polypropylene films with different properties and excellent quality and performance characteristics, thanks to our partnership with one of the most important Asian companies.

BOPP film is ideal for lamination and has several applications in food and non-food packaging.

We supply the most widely used materials for labeling, lamination, the tobacco industry and packaging in general.

Our agents will help you to choose the best product to meet your requirements.

Within the range of BOPP film we offer, you can find:

  • Plain films (amongst which PF and PFC type, designed for printing and lamination, or PFP, PFH and PFS, specific for lamination with paper)
  • Heat sealable films (amongst which PC and PCL type, with a heat sealable layer on both sides)
  • White/pearlescent films (amongst which PLO type, pearlescent and with a heat sealable layer on one side, POB, opaque white film, and PQH, opaque white film with a heat sealable layer on both sides)
  • Metallized films (amongst which PMM type, with a metallized layer on one side, and PMS, with a metallized layer on one side and a heat sealable layer on the other side)
  • Matte films (PTT type, specific for printing and lamination)
  • Acrylic coated films (PXA type, treated on both sides)
  • Oxo-biodegradable films (amongst which PFD and PCGD type, the latter with Antifog effect)
Available thicknesses depending on the kind of product, overall thickness ranges from 12 μm to 50 μm.