Quality policy

Effegidi International Spa’ quality policy originates from its mission and its belief in achieving real quality respecting different standards, which are:

  • Certified System ISO 9001: regarding company's organization and the level of service guaranteed to the customer.
  • Certified Product BRC/IOP regarding food packaging: it concerns the system and characteristics of production to ensure that the product consistency and its manufacturing process comply with specific requirements of this industry. In other words: the use of a formal system of hazard analysis, the realization of a documented management system and the control of the production in terms of procedures, products, processes and dedicated staff.

The future goals of Effegidi International Spa in this area are:

  • To gain the environmental certification ISO 14001 that requires AIA (IPPC: “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control”). Already implemented in Effegidi.
  • ISO 45001 certification as a reward for the efforts of many years in protecting a safe working system that is considered as priority for Effegidi’s growth and development. It is clear that this is not enough to ensure genuine customers satisfaction (ultimate goal the company). 

To achieve it we have decided to focus on:

  • Customer’s Specific Standards: regarding agreements made in response to specific customer’s requirements that may be even more restrictive than the standard ones.
  • Computerized traceability system: the use of barcodes allows us to trace and follow the path of our products from the laminating phases, cutting and storage going from finished product to raw material and vice versa.
  • Careful research and selection of our suppliers in order to guarantee the safety and quality of our provisions based always looking at technical, economic and organizational quality in compliance with the standards of this industry.
  • Laboratory tests: performed starting from the arrival of raw materials, continuing during the production process to the control of the finished product.Our films for food packaging are subject to global and specific migration analysis to determine if they are in compliance with the contact of different types of foods available on the market.
  • Optical control system through cameras positioned on production process different stages, it is possible to detect any defects in the film and to remove them before putting the goods on the market.