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Who we are
Renato Gabelli,

Company leader, with great expertise and knowledgement of the commercial areas.

Gianluca Gabelli,

more than 20 years-experience in different areas, deals particularly with business strategies and the key sector of purchasing.

Giovanni Basile,

operation manager with technical education, is in charge of operations, bringing a contribution towards quality and innovation with his 20 years managerial experience.


Competently directed and coordinated by the Gabelli family, who can count on the excellent professionalism of:

Giorgio Cavani,

export Manager, after years of experience in technical areas and as business accounting and auditing consultant, he has decided to embark on an exciting new partnership with a lot of potential for growth. He is efficiently supported by a back-office team composed of Marilia Russo -Fischer and Francesca Tamani.

Mario Callegari,

country Manager Italy, who has a yearlong experience inside the company and an in-depth technical knowledge both of cable and food applications. He can count on the competent help of Ilaria Gabelli for all back-office activities.

Ennio Storti,

administrative manager, is a reliable support to managment for more than 20 years.

Daniele Borini,

IT manager, assures the updating of the company’s informatics system.

Davide Pedrini,

R&D manager, is in continuous search for innovative materials and solutions.

Andrea Dallargine,

quality manager, assures the compliance of business management and activities with high international standards.

Alfredo Romanini,

maintenance and security manager.