02 Nov 2017
They talk about us
An experience of over forty years that has become the solid foundation for the development of a major project: the creation of a new division focused on the production of food packaging. (...) The company, a year ago, started a diversification strategy by creating a new department separated from the existing one, with completely dedicated spaces, machines and operators. (...) By obtaining the maximum score in BRC audits and some good contract already inside the pocket, Effegidi Food Division is ready to create new partnership with the territory and consolidate those already existing.
21 Aug 2017
Save the date. 20 -24 October 2017
Although Effegidi has been in the food business for several years now, the company has never felt the need to exhibit in trade fairs. However, 2017 has been the year of opening to the European market, which has marked a first entry into the Spanish and French markets. To continue to give the right visibility to its products and services, Effegidi has decided to rely on HOST, which for 40 years has been a benchmark for, large distribution, retail and hotellerie. The fair will take place at the end of October in Milan, where 1500 buyers, Italians and many foreigners, will visit the three macro-areas: "catering, pasta & bread", "coffee & pastry" and "furniture & table". This will be the first of a list of exhibitions that, starting from 2018, will bring Effegidi across Europe. For now we can just tell you: See you in Milan!
21 Dec 2015
December 2015: new Department for Food Packaging in accordance with HACCP/GMP
Effegidi has revolutionized its factory to create a pioneering Department for the Food Packaging sector, optimizing the quality and hygiene of workplaces. The area features particularly high quality standards, guaranteeing the strict application of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles, specific to the segment of the Food packaging industry.