EFFEGIDI INTERNATIONAL’STRATEGY: Starting from the gained expertise, the skilled use of materials and learning from the experiences of its historical past, Effegidi International seeks new areas of development that will both generate economic growth and will produce an environmental and cultural growth within the entire Company system.

The availability of a highly generic product and the possibility to expand in very different sectors lead the Company's will to address increasingly complex challenges and qualified with the inevitable need to grow in education, in culture and in a sustainable approach to the three main factors:


Put in place of two photovoltaic plants for a total of 800 kWp of power that in the budget on kwh produced and consumed shows the production of "clean energy" that is more than 70% of the energy consumed in a year. In addition, the choice to restructure the Company under the real estate aspect and realize the new building totally in wood, with an opposite impact on the environment to conventional buildings. Furthermore, due to isolation guaranteed by the structure, we registered important savings heating energy cost, associated with better air quality perceived by all of us. Last achievement, but we could easily put it in first place, the acquisition of AIA certification (Business Integrated Authorization), first step toward the future challenge to obtain the ISO 14001 certification.

Social aspects

We consider stability as one of the main values of our employees and, in particular, a stability that goes beyond the ups and downs of the market, at it is the main reason for the business sector’s diversification and for the desire to keep a group of experienced people in the realization of our products. Within this environment, we must necessarily mention the company’s projects to obtain the OHSAS 18001 certification and the acceptance of D.Lgs.231 that, at least in the aspect of generic enterprise, will complete, in the next few years, the path towards social responsibility.


The economic development model chosen by Effegidi International roots on two fundamental principles: diversification and system.

Nowadays, the desire of many companies to enter new areas leads to the question of whether the innovation can be an opening key to new industries already well covered by other companies. Consequently, diversification can not be separated from research and development of new products, through which we are able to bring something new to the customer.

Within this context, we work with constant development both with the technical area within our Company and with the collaboration with the private and public research institutions.

In addition to diversification and innovation, we associate the concept of a system that creates a pool of companies that, together, face the market by offering a range of products more comprehensive and able to satisfy the customers at 360 °.

It seems clear that a long-term economic sustainability and above all the consideration of present and future stakeholder, give us the responsibility to achieve a dynamic development between the three main components of sustainability.